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Safe and sound...


Newly Renovated in November 2016



Our Medium and Large sized dog complex has 40 individual spacious kennels with secure runs attached which are big enough to comfortably house 2 dogs from the same family.

Our spacious  floor to ceiling kennels are made out of insulated poly panel, nice and cool in summer and toasty warm in winter. The complex is roofed and fully enclosed with large roller doors at one end.
Everyone sleeps on comfy trampoline style beds raised off the floor. Each run area has a removable canvas screen divider so our guests don't disturb one another.

Our smaller guests are housed indoors (heated in winter) in one of 18 spacious individual units completely separate from our large dog complex. Each unit can also house two small dogs from the same family.

Although we do provide trampoline style beds for our guests and blankets to snuggle into you are very welcome to bring your pet's own bedding, but please no beanbags because if they burst the beans pose a threat to the health of our guests.

We feed a premium quality complete dry food twice a day at 11am and again at 6pm If you would prefer your pet to have their own diet or they are on a special diet please bring it along and we are happy to feed it at no extra cost.

Our guests are exercised twice a day for a minimum of one hour each time in one of three securely fenced grassed runs behind the kennel complex. Times may vary depending on weather.

Guests are placed into compatible groups or exercised individually depending on how social they are feeling.

Small guests have their own securely fenced Tiger Turf grass and pebbled area with a slide to play on. This area is away from the large dog area. Again they are put into compatible social groups or exercised individually depending on how they are feeling.

We also offer extra one on one playtime for all our dogs. Please see other services for more information.

We are trained to administer all types of medication including insulin injections and are happy to do so at no extra charge. Please bring all required medication in a clearly named bottle with the correct dosage on it.

For the safety and well being of all our guests we require dogs to have:

Vanguard 5 for: Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis, Adenovirus 2 and Para influenza
Kennel Cough (also called Bordetella): This vaccine is NOT given regularly by most vets unless you tell them you are boarding your dog.

Please remember to bring along your dog's vaccination card, if you have misplaced the card, get your vet to ring us.

If your dog requires a vaccination booster, please have it completed at least 10 days prior to their stay with us.


Please also ensure your pet's worming and flea programme is up to date.
We reserve the right to treat any internal or external parasites your pet may have and charge the cost to your account.




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